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"Thanks for stopping by! I’m JC Anderson, founder & owner of FitFabFlawless. As a wife and mother of two, I know firsthand how challenging it can be for busy women to prioritize health & fitness. Whether your goal is to lose weight, define natural curves, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle- I will show you how fitness can fit into your daily lifestyle and improve your quality of life to be maintained long term. Let’s get to work!"

Meet JC

Individual Goal Oriented


One on one personalized workouts are a unique way to ensure you maximize the most out of your workouts. Whether in person or via zoom, I am able to focus solely on you, customizing each workout session based on your goals and personal preference.


Full Body Workouts

“Zoom Workouts” are a popular trend in the fitness world today. Convenient and safe! Whether it’s losing weight or defining curves, my full body programs will improve your overall health and give you a confidence boost! You’ll see an improvement in your performance, mental health and physical appearance in no time.


Quality & Convenient

On Demand Fitness is designed for ALL fitness levels. Workouts are easy to follow instructional videos, 30-45 minutes in length. Just log on, pick your preference, and follow along! Mind over matter is key when you commit yourself to a goal! Achieve personal results on YOUR time!

I Do


I provide a professional and fab fitness experience to each session! By utilizing hand weights or even common household items, your fitness goals will be transformed with confidence to bring desired results in no time! Sign up, log on and see what you can achieve! P. S. -Don’t forget your before & after selfie!

What I Do

“The body achieves what the mind believes.” 

-Napoleon Hill



The best decision I made in 2020 was to start working out! The pandemic had me in a physical, mental and emotional slump. After following Fit Fab Flawless on social media for about a month and loving the energy of the workouts, I finally decided it was time to regain control of my health and well being for good. So I contacted JC and scheduled my first workout. Having not really exercised in months that first workout was challenging to say the least but I left knowing I made the right decision. The workouts are challenging and fun, they never get boring! You will see results! I highly recommend everyone make Fit Fab Flawless workouts part of their fitness journey! You won't regret it! 

- Jessica L.

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